Luxury fake nails designer extra long ombre french jewelry nails


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  • Perfect for party
  • Extra-long stiletto shape
  • Custom design, handmade designer nails
  • Specification:
    Including: 1 kit of 24pcs nails + 1 sheet of glue sticker.
  • Color: As the picture shows.
  • Packed by OPP bag.





1. Clean and buff natural nail gently.
2. Apply Nail Glue or Glue sticker to the plastic tip.
3. Apply Plastic Tip to the natural nail.
4. Press the Tip and hold down for 30 sec.
CAUTION: Do not use if natural nails are Inflamed or infected. Keep out of reach of children.


Weight0.030 kg
Dimensions10 × 13 × 2 cm

L5175, L5418, L5423, L5429, L5457, L5171, L5791, L5105, L5108, L5117, L5010, L5011, L5012, L5266, L5267, L5286, L5796, L5291, L5178, L5183, L5233, L5485, L5852, L5413, L5410, L5411, L5412, L5535, L5268, L5274, L5276, L5278, L5458, L5466, L5468, L5469, L5470, L5536, L5424, L5537, L5548, L5420, L5421, L5419, L5422, L5428, L5590, L5591, L5592, L5593, L5622, L5623


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